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And we're back!

AntVenom a posted Sep 10, 14
Hey all. Just wanted to toss up a quick news post to say I have transferred the website back to it's original form. The Xenforo website just wasn't working out, and for me, was causing more headaches than it was worth. As a mostly solo-admin of this website, I have WAY better instant control over everything using Enjin than on Xenforo.

As far as the "" server is concerned, here's the deal. It didn't work out because the cost of funding it exceeded the amount we were able to make, and was quickly shut down.

This is when stepped in, and took over! The network will soon be fused w/ the network, it's game-types will be available on there. This is also why I haven't been doing much advertising for anymore, it's really not worth it.

Every single rank on now has the Diamond Rank on the servers, so it's more worth it for me to play on there. So expect that I'll be playing Survival Games on the network more often! 

"Maps" Sub-Forum Added!

AntVenom a posted Jan 25, 13
Just wanted to let you all know that I recently added a "Maps" sub-forum to the "Minecraft" section on the forum.

This is, as you could probably guess, for posting maps that you either have made, or found and want to share.

If the map isn't yours, then please only post links to Minecraftforum, or PlanetMinecraft posts. No direct download links if the map isn't yours!

If you'd like to post to the sub-forum, the link is here!

As always, thanks for visiting!
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