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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact you?

For public inquires, questions, comments, fan art, etc:

public contact info - inbox [@]
Please read the FAQ first before making any sort of inquiry.
It's really important, because I won't reply to FAQ's.

For members of business, media, and press outlets:
business only - contact [@]
Please, no public emails of any kind. Only use
this email if you are one of the above outlets.

Can you buy / get me a copy of Minecraft please?

I get this question more then you would think. The answer is no.

What software do you record / edit with?

I record my PC videos with DxTory. I capture my console videos with a Hauppauge HD PVR. I edit all of my videos with Sony Vegas 12, and sometimes use Adobe Photoshop for miscellaneous work. Any animation models that are in my thumbnails are made with Cinema 4D.

How did you come up with the name AntVenom?

tl;dr version, I wanted a cool name for Battlefield 2, friends name was poison, to troll him I went with ant1poison, it was taken, so I took ant1venom. Over time people mistook the 1 for a slash, calling me "Ant Venom", so I signed up my Xbox live name as that, and then took the YouTube Channel name "AntVenom", since "ant1venom" was previously suspended. That's the story.

Can you join my server / play Minecraft with me?

This is by far, the most requested thing I get. I have to say no to all of these requests. I get 6-12 of these a day. If I said yes to them, my entire day would be taken by just that. Instead, follow me on twitter, and if I ever join a public server when I'm messing around / looking to play with others, I'll announce it there. As far as accepting personal requests, I have to say no.

What happened to (insert series name here?)

One of 3 things.
  1. The series ended the way it was supposed to, much like 4 Pillar Survival, Ant Farm Survival, and Extreme Ant Farm Survival.
  2. The series became too boring, or difficult, much like Reliving Minecraft, Super Hostile, and Forbidden Ant Farm Survival.
  3. It's a sporadic series that I never had any intention of running often.

What server / servers do you play on?

Because of how many subscribers I have, and mob mentality, I can never reveal what servers I play on. I usually don't even play on my primary account anyways when I play on public servers. For this reason, I won't ever reveal what servers I play on, ever, except for my own of course :)

Server IP -

Can you give me a tutorial of the programs you use?

Unfortunately no. It would take too much time, and there exist PLENTY of good guides out there on how to use these programs.

Can I be in a video with you / you be in a video of mine?

I do not accept requests for any co-op content unless it's with someone I am already friends with.

Are you going to make a server?

Server IP -

Special thanks to for coding the server, hosting the server, and hosting this website! If you want a server of your own, use the coupon code "ANTFARM" for 25% off your first month!

How do I become friends with you?

If you are trying to become my friend for the purpose of recording with you, then you are trying to use me...not become friends with me. Don't.

What texture / resource pack do you use?

For the most part, I use the FaithfulVenom 32x Texture Pack. It requires the use of an HD patcher of some sort, or the OptiFine mod. The download link can be found here!

Can you recommend a computer build for me / rate my PC?

No, as this would take too much time to do individually. If you want the opinion of multiple people, the forum is a great place to go!

How did you get partnered with Machinima / how can I?

It's a long story, but I just made good content, and they eventually found me, and offered me a directorship. If you want one, visit, that's your best bet. I can't guarantee anything though, nor am I an employee of Machinima. My opinion is my own.
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