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AntVenom a posted Sun at 13:35
If you're just visiting the website for the first time, the IP address of the server is

Thanks Sky for the feature today!

Applications Concluded!

AntVenom a posted Mar 28, 14
Short post, but I have closed applications indefinitely. We got over 1000 applications, most of which are well written. We will be skimming through these as time goes on, but this might take months, opposed to weeks.

What can you do to better your chances? Don't "aim" for the position. If you are a naturally caring, helpful individual, it will show. But this sort of thing lies in the same realm as "aiming" to be a YouTuber. It's not something you can do unless you enjoy doing it.

So please don't bug Guardians, Mods, Admins, or the Owners about the Guardian rank. It will lower your chances of becoming one if you do. Seriously. Guardians don't like playing 20 questions about their rank.

Thanks :)
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