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by AntVenom at 10:35 PM
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Hey everyone, AntVenom here.

Forewarning here. Everything that is said in this post is my opinion and my word only, and not the word of MCProHosting.

There isn't too easy of a way to say everything I'm gonna say, so I'll try to write it out without being too repetitive.

The Network will be undergoing some construction that will last around one month. During this time, we will be transitioning away from MCProHosting. They have been a fantastic host for the network, but unforeseen circumstances, beyond both myself and MCProHosting's control have occurred, which means the network needs to find a new home.

I would like to give a special thank you to Favorlock, DV_Raiton, CyberKitsune, Cory_, Matt, & SuitJames for doing everything they did for the network, and all the countless hours that were put in on the developers part for bringing the network so far.

I can't give exact details for the new home of the network just yet, but I can say that the network has been adopted by another development team, who are more than confident that we can make the network successful again.

I could have decided to shut down the network, but I want everyone who has bought a rank to not feel ripped off, and I still have a desire to create a great network, and our new dev-team has the desire to make that happen, and be all around beneficial, so we can be around for the long haul.

So bear with us, we will be down for a while, but everyone who had a rank will still have their rank when the server comes back up. It'll just take some time :)

Taylor Harris
by AntVenom at 6:15 PM
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Hey guys, AntVenom here!

Over the weekend, I was away attending a friend's wedding, but while I was gone, the developers did some pretty awesome work! So lets get right down to it!

Hungry Games has been released to the public! We have 10 running instances in total right now. So go on the network and give it a try!

Class Selection & the Waiting Lobby have seen significant changes! A touch buggy right now, but overall, works fine. The Waiting Lobby itself has seen a pretty extensive overhaul...most of which you can't see! If you fly below the map, you can tell that much of what was there is no longer there. This was done to allow the map to be 128 blocks tall, which is the original height limit of maps as of a few updates ago. Anything above that height can cause bad lag. I also went through the map and removed about 20,000 fences! WOW! Gotta love Notux, the creator of the map for adding them all in. Who knew they could cause so much lag!

Spleef in the Waiting Lobby should be mostly lag free now, due to these changes. The only thing that's buggy right now, is that the NPC frequently will twitch out of place, and that can cause the Class Selection NPC to wander off a little bit. Hopefully they never get too far! LOL!

Bug Reporting! - If you find a bug, please report it @ This will assist the developers in figuring out what's wrong with the game, and how to fix it! Even if a game is consistently very server laggy, a bug report always helps!

Thanks for reading!
by AntVenom at 5:56 AM
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Hey guys, AntVenom here!

So the network saw a pretty major update this morning. I'll keep it short and sweet.

Hungry Games is available to testing for Hero and Superhero only! This will likely be a rank-only game for a week or two, until we release it for the public at large. If you want the opportunity to beta test it early, you can snag a Rank @, and use coupon code "ANTFARM5" to get $5 off any rank if you purchase before the end of day, EST, on 5/22 (The day this post goes up). This deal may not come back for a while, so snag it while you can!

This game does require 12-players minimum to be on at a time for the game to start, so there is a chance that it might only be running during the afternoon / evening hours. Either way, it's not going down anytime soon, unless a game-breaking bug is discovered.

Party Time saw a pretty significant update. The games can no longer be voted on, and will automatically cycle through all seven games in the lineup (Will be 8 in the not-too-distant future). Additionally in the future, we will be setting the time between runs to 10 seconds. We feel this will work because...

Spectating is possible in Hungry Games! But because our developer DV_Raiton is so awesome, he configured it in such a way that allows it to be reused among EVERY game! Woo! So in the near future, EVERY game will have observing as an option (except for maybe Leaderboard Survival & Survival Bingo, which let you join in-progress games).

Even Party Time will get observing, though it will work a little bit differently. Likely, because party time has a low-slot count, the people who observe will be stuck in observer mode unless someone who was playing drops out, in which case, it will pull the person who's been spectating the longest into the game!

That's it for me, for now. Hope you all enjoy! Thanks for being a part of the Ant Farm!
by AntVenom at 11:15 PM
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Hey all. Since we are a new network, is it important that we get our name out there, so people know to come and check out the server to see what all the hype is about! Part of this, along with word of mouth, is getting our server listed high on Server Listing pages. I've listed a few below. You are in no way obligated to vote for the server, but if you decide to, it will go a long way! I think most of these websites let you vote once a day as well.

As of right now, there are no specific perks for voting, but in the future there may be. We just need to figure out how that kind of a system would work. But until then, the links to vote are below. Happy Minecrafting!

by AntVenom at 8:02 PM
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Beta will be going live at 7pm EST, 5/15/2014!
Ranks will be available at that time!

Hey everyone. Welcome to the new website! The website you see right now is not completely finished, but we figured it was completed enough to release! The only thing we're gonna be working on later is the layout itself, to be a little more customized.

So what does this day mark? Well not only is the website released, but Ranks are available for sale as well! Be sure to check them out over at our Server Store!

Q: So what are the ranks all about?

Glad you asked! If you want some special perks on the server, consider purchasing a rank! Ranks get you all sorts of neat perks, such as increased Coin generation, special lobby abilities, and all game classes unlocked, forever.

In-Game Prefix!
All classes in all games unlocked, forever.
2x Coin in-game generation.
Ability to Beta Test games! (Hungry Games being the first)
Double Jump in Lobby
Ability to chat while chat is muted in the Lobby!
Not have to pay coins for Event / Holiday Items! (Future Update)
Hero Only Hub Effects (Future Update)


[Superhero] In-Game Prefix!
All the same perks as Hero (Except Lobby Double Jump)
4x Coin Generation
Fly in Lobby!
Able to buy Event / Holiday items after it expires! (Future Update)
Superhero Only Hub Effects (Future Update)
So myself and the McProHosting staff hope you all enjoy the server! If there are any issues, feel free to post about it here, or contact McProHosting regarding the issues, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can :). This is a huge milestone in the server's history, and we hope you enjoy it for every second that you're on the server, or on the website!

Thanks everyone!